European 4et


Gabriele Mitelli cornet, soprano sax , voice, percussion

Alexander Hawkins piano

John Edwards double bass

Mark Sanders drums

Gabriele Mitelli's new “European” Quartet has a clear mission statement: to distance itself from cliché, and to take the path less traveled. The music is a journey to the heart of improvisation, where jazz is once again a gamble - an edgy practice where risk-taking is central to progress. Mitelli’s bandmates are three great English musicians, for whom noise and revolt are a way of life: pianist Alexander Hawkins (who already shares an unconventional duo with Mitelli), bassist John Edwards, and drummer Mark Sanders. All three are tireless experimenters, who have played in various combinations alongside the likes of Evan Parker, Roscoe Mitchell, Sunny Murray, Peter Brötzmann, Louis Moholo-Moholo, and Wadada Leo Smith: collaborations which speak of courage and freedom, integrity and commitment. Brace yourselves: there is a whole world to discover here.